Reina Hoodie

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This is a sweater I created at the beginning of the year. These are my 2020 words for myself:

  • valiente • I want to continue to do things that require courage. I don’t want fear to stop me.
  • reina • I will step fully into my queendom. I will hold my head high. I will value myself and my work. I will celebrate and support the queens around me.
  • poderosa • I am powerful. Who I am as a person is powerful.

My voice and strength are powerful. My light and story are powerful. I have the power to empower— this is powerful.
I chose a sweater because it feels like an embrace and I want to wrap myself with these three words everyday this year: valiente, reina, poderosa. 

The Pullover Hoodie by Independent Trading is a quality mid-weight hooded unisex sweatshirt that features heathered colors, comfortable materials, and a more modern cut. Its fleece interior is extra soft and paired with a jersey, t-shirt style, material lining the inside of the hood. Ever so slightly more fitted than the similar Hanes styles, this hoodie is modern looking with still some room for layering. Perfect for your whole group or just a single custom hoodie for yourself, this sweatshirt is versatile and fun to wear. *Grey Heather is 75% cotton, 25% polyester.