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Badass x Bonita

Mariposas en las Flores Workshop

Kim Guerra

Mujer Mariposa.

Creator of Badass x Bonita.

Author of Mariposa and Mija.

She writes and creates as a way of healing and loving herself in a revolutionary way.

Latinx. Mujerista. Guerrera.



Kim Guerra, Mija

I am loving myself 

into a garden.

Kim Guerra, Mariposa

Mujer, eres una guerrera.

Courage runs through your veins.

You are not only a survivor,

you are a warrior.

Mujeres, you are worthy.

You’ve lived most of your life living in shackles, because no one told you

you are a queen.

Kim Guerra, Mariposa

mi privilege pa mi raza

mi voz pa mi raza

mi vida pa mi raza

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I love sharing my work with my community through readings, speaking engagements, and interactive workshops.