Reflection from an Aries Queen


tw: sex abuse

I wish my nine year old self could see me right here, right now. 
I wish she could see me in love: with myself and my beautiful partner.
I bet she'd be proud of our love.
I want her to see my queerness, my joy, my scars, my liberation.
Quiero que sepa que luche por nosotras. 
Quiero que sepa que tenemos el derecho de ser libres y feliz.

This is my desire for todas las Ninas y mujeres.

This year I turned 29. It's been 20 years since my world was shaken up by the hands of abuse. It's been 20 years since fear and shame were my primary emotions. I learned to numb and built walls all around me. Everything and everyone felt unsafe. 

This birthday I let myself feel and reflect on my journey. Este hermoso regalo llamado vida. I offered love to nine year old me. I offered gratitude for this healing journey. Healing is a choice we make for ourselves. A choice to move forward. A choice to love self. A choice to grow wings. 

I thank the creator for these wings. Mis alas. Mias. 

I want my nine year old self to know we can fly now. 

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This brought tears to my eyes because I too am a survivor and it took me over 2 decades to finally be released by this pain. Thank you for sharing this post. Please post more, for all of us that would make our adolescent self proud.

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